UFI Contact Network

With more than 190 buildings and 33,000 spaces on and around campus, we know we need some help to stay on top of important enterprise space data. That's why UFI maintains a working list of departmental contacts that we use to assist us in verifying key information about Notre Dame's buildings and spaces. 

On a periodic basis, we will reach out to this "UFI Contact Network" to verify the following type of information:

  • Floor Plans
  • Space usage
  • Departmental occupancy
  • Individual occupancy

The UFI Contact Network is a critical part of our ability to conduct space verifications

The current list of UFI Contacts is available via Google Sheets. This list is always a work in progress and we welcome updates and/or suggestions for additional personnel who can assist us. To suggest an update or change to this list, please contact us at ufi@nd.edu

Important Note: The UFI Contact list is not a list of building managers. Most building managers are on the list - but so are a number of business & finance managers, administrative assistants, various staff with responsibility for space management and even rectors. We have cultivated this list for our unique needs related to verification of space and occupancy data.

UFI Contact Updates

Oct 2018 - UFI Contact Update: Fall 2018

Click the link above to view updates slides. Covers updates on new Personnel Actions tool, updates to the campus map and the launch of a pilot program for GIS. Please contact ufi@nd.edu with any questions. 


Jan 2018 - Working With Building & Space Data

Click the link above to view slides from our training session on building & space data in dataND. Please contact us at ufi@nd.edu with any questions.