Academic Survey FAQ's

What is an Academic Survey Project?

An approved remodeling request or space modification in an Academic Building on campus.

What is an Academic Building?

A building that houses classrooms, labs, or faculty offices.

Who gets the Survey Requests?

All Deans, Directors, and Building Representatives receive the survey forms to fill out and return to Academic Space Management.

What does justification mean?

Justification is the reason for the needed renovation (e.g., safety, new faculty, new equipment, appearance).

What is the Dean's Priority Rating?

Each Dean or Director should prioritize their requests for each year with 1 being the highest priority.

What if a department wants to pay for its own renovation?

Departments may pay for their own remodeling or renovations; however, the facilities requisition must be signed by Academic Space Management and then passed on to Facilities Operations. This ensures that ASM is aware of all renovations, in case of future renovations that the department may or may not know of.