About Us

University Facilities Information (UFI) was established in October 2015 to serve as a central resource for key information about university facilities. The wide-ranging number of systems and processes that utilize facilities information make it crucial that space data be managed centrally, and in a consistent, timely fashion.


Facilities are critical resources which support the university mission in the same way that our human and financial resources do. Effective stewardship of any critical resource requires data & analysis.

UFI seeks to get the right data to the right people in the right format at the right time in order to support the highest and best use of Notre Dame facilities. 


University Facilities Information achieves its vision by meeting the following enduring responsibilities:

DATA: Management of the university Enterprise Space Data Warehouse.

  • UFI will ensure the pro-active collection, coordination, creation and/or maintenance of facilities & space information contained within the university data warehouse.
  • Data should be accurate, accessible and appropriate for all Notre Dame facilities

PROCESS: Development and implementation of policies & processes to support the Enterprise Space Data Warehouse.

  • Working with partners across campus, UFI will seek to identify & support those policies, processes and systems which impact key facilities & space data.

ANALYSIS: Generation of actionable insight from Notre Dame facilities data

  • UFI will create and maintain a set of standard reports & dashboards on important facilities-related topics including space utilization and space data accuracy.
  • UFI will also perform ad-hoc reporting and analysis as appropriate to support strategic space planning activities across the university.

Successful implementation of this vision and mission supports the ongoing work of the Vice President and Senior Associate Provost for Budget & Planning as well as the divisional goals established by Facilities, Design & Operations.

For more information on the current goals for UFI, please review our Strategic Plan.