Enterprise Space Data

In the past, each department and division at Notre Dame has been responsible for collecting and maintaining their own data. This works well for everyone separately but when information is applied to institution wide analytics things don't always connect. 

What one group might call the "Main Building" another group might call the "Administration Building" and yet another the "Dome." This is an overly simple example but this sort of disconnect can make it hard to exchange data across departments and systems. 

Notre Dame has decided to make an institution-wide effort to integrate our data across campus in the hopes of driving more data-focused decision-making. The OIT Business Intelligence team is leading this effort through the development and maintenance of the university's enterprise data warehouse and the dataND portal.

The following reports can be viewed through the dataND portal:


In support of their efforts, University Facilities Information serves as the data steward for enterprise space data across the university. 

Data Stewards are appointed by the Information Governance Committee and will:

  • Assign information under their stewardship to one of three security classifications: public, internal, or sensitive, based upon the information’s intended use and the expected impact if disclosed.
  • Bear primary responsibility for decisions regarding data usage and handling for the data under their stewardship. Stewardship of Highly Sensitive data elements is reserved for the Information Governance Committee
  • Coordinate activities with areas outside their own when data usage, access and/or handling impacts extend beyond their own unit
  • Identify and authorize Designates for acting as the Data Steward’s proxy for activities within their stewardship.

For more information on the university data warehouse efforts please visit the OIT Business Intelligence team's website.