Academic Space Survey

The annual Academic Survey for academic units is designed to take care of minor projects and renovations within academic space on campus.  All approved projects are funded by central Provost Funds.

All requests must be prioritized and approved by the appropriate dean or director of the academic unit submitting the survey.

The survey is designed to provide detailed descriptions of the work being requested.  This information should be completed by the contact person for the proposed project.  The information in this survey will be used by University Facilities Information and the Office of Maintenance for estimating and design purposes.  During the estimating process, Project Coordinators from Facilities Operations will meet with the contact person for further clarification.  It is important that all information which impacts these projects be documented.

All requests must be submitted by the deadline in order to be included in the estimating process and subsequent review meetings prior to submission for funding. As in the past, if our budget allocation cannot support all project requests, survey items will be deferred based upon priorities submitted..

If you have any questions, please contact Troy Moreno, at (574) 631-4610, or e-mail